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Acquawear: Custom Swimsuits for Artistic (Synchronised) Swimming Teams

At our Swimwear Store, we provide custom swimsuits for synchronised swimming teams around the UK and Europe. Our swim costumes are sublimated with vibrant prints, and are made with high-quality durable fabric and lined training and competition costumes that will withstand the rigors of training and competition. In addition, we offer a range of shapes and eco-friendly fabrics, all available in our shop.

"Make a Splash with Acquawear's Artistic Swimming Swimsuits!"

Our artistic swimming swimsuits are designed to offer superior support and a comfortable fit. Our range of vibrant prints will help you make a statement in the pool.  Don't forget that discounts are available on Shop prices: for 5-9 pieces ordered you will receive a 20% discount. Get the perfect look for your next competition with our range of solo, duets or team artistic swimming swimsuits!

We now have prints for sale which can be transfered to templates. These prints are images, so colours / elements cannot be replaced. The price is only £10 / image and the money is used for buying AI credits (each image takes an average of 10 - 20 credits or even more to get it right).  This is only a small selection of prints,  so ask for more in the same theme. The image will then be used to be transferred to your swimwear (min. 10 pieces).  For smaller orders, we would need to print extra pieces to be sold in the shop (if print is deemed suitable for the shop).


Alternatively, if you have a theme / an idea and you don't need to control the colours / shades / elements, tell us about it. 


Delfina customised kits for clubs and teams 

Choose shapes and approximate colours below. If you need kit pieces other than the swimwear (including men swimwear), please see the CLUBS page.