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Acquawear: Buy TSNINE Swimsuits for Springboard and Platform Diving

TSNine swimsuits are renowned for their high quality workmanship and vibrant colours. The modern fit is comfortable and flattering, and the high neck design provides great coverage in and out of the pool. Plus, the Extra Life Lycra fabric (70% Polyester 30%Lycra) or Dura fabrics made out of 100% Polyester are of the highest quality, so you know your swimsuit will last. TSNine costumes are also popular among platform and springboard divers, so you can be sure you are buying a great quality swimming costume. Shop TSNine swimsuits today for a great swimming and diving experience.

General Korean Swimwear Size Chart
It is a good reference, quite accurate, for all Korean brands!

Size chart Jkuss Women
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